SELF has been blessed with a succession of Trustees who have taken to heart the vision and mission of the foundation. The Board has been a main source of strength and guidance that has helped the foundation to weather the many trials and challenges it has met and emerge triumphant. The Board meets regularly to review the organization’s activities, from management concerns to program developments, and provides timely guidance and advice. The Trustees have been especially successful in helping to raise the much needed funds to help SELF continually develop and grow. They played a key role in realizing the Foundation’s dream of having its very own residential facility — Taal View House — and the many structures and physical plant and equipment it has added since then. All told, from the original seven members, 19 more have sat on the Board. All of them have served generously and with distinction and SELF remembers them the seven who have passed away.

The Board for 2014-2015

SELF Board of Trustees President – Martin R. Infante Vice President – Peter H. Stevens Treasurer – Jocelyn Alice G. Infante Corporate Secretary – Atty. Carmelo I. Valera Auditor – Jesus G. Hofileña Member – Raul S. Buan Member – Alfredo Martin G. Infante Board Consultant – Anthony L. Pavia

Clockwise from top left: Martin R. Infante, Alfredo G. Infante, Peter H. Stevens, Jocelyn G. Infante, Jess G. Hofileña, Not in photo are: Raul S. Buan, Anthony L. Pavia and Atty. Carmelo I. Valera.