Biking Duck Trail 2015A latest addition to SELF’s sports program is Mountain Biking. In March 2011 the SELF Mountain Bike Club (SMBC) was formed to manage the affairs of the new sport that is made available to Senior, Pre-reentry and Reentry residents.

A club priority is the bike familiarization and training program that features a progressive exposure to the different skill levels of mountain biking. Hence, club members are made to undergo and pass several levels of training before they are allowed to ride the more rigorous and technical trails.

SELF initially acquired five mountain bikes from a generous FAM member. These bikes are rented out to the residents while those in Reentry are given the option to bring their own bikes. In 2013 a FAM member donated a bike trailer to the club to facilitate the transport of these bikes to the trail sites.

By 2015, the number of bikes in the facility has grown to 25 with SMBC now owning more than 10 bikes. Besides learning how to ride, residents are also trained in managing the club and taught how to maintain their bikes. As a regular routine, the SMBC does two street rides a week and one trail ride on Sundays.

Going on five years now, the SMBC members have explored numerous roads and trails in the environs of Batangas. On March 2014, seven club bikers set out to conquer a 41 km trail to the Malabrigo Lighthouse in Lobo, Batngas and back to the resort which consisted mostly of steep climbs and uncharted roads. In that epic ride, they ascended more than 2,000 meters above sea level and took six hours to complete the ride.

Mountain biking has become a way of life for a growing number of residents and staff in SELF. In all, more than 60 residents have gotten up on two wheels and tried the joys of pedal pushing.