Salsa Dancing

Why Salsa? Life in recovery need not be boring. On the contrary it should be fun and exciting. Finding a new passion, new mountains to climb, new worlds to explore is definitely healthy for recovery. Learning the Salsa dance is a challenge in itself and performing them in public under the scrutiny of a critical audience ups the ante all the more. It requires a high degree of emotional discipline to overcome one’s fears and mental toughness to execute the intricate moves flawlessly. Meeting such challenges truly validates the recovery process. It’s a perfect match to the TC culture in that it makes members inspire each other and encourage the continuous enhancement of each others skill.

Mart & Joy“In my 8th year of recovery, I wanted more than just the simple life. At this point in my recovery I felt I was ready for new challenges. I wanted to engage in an activity that would expose me to the social night life without having to compromise my sobriety. When the occasion came along, I decided to take up Salsa with my wife Joy in 1998. It was a big challenge as I was never one for dancing. But I learned the Salsa, and like the addict that I am, I’m now hooked! Not only did I learn the dance, but I became a rather effective instructor and spent the next eight years teaching the dance in various local bars in the metro. I also founded a dance group and, together, we performed in numerous parties and dance shows on TV. In the process, I had the good fortune of meeting great mentors of the dance art and, in 2005, our group performed at the 1st Philippine International Salsa Congress. In all my years of dancing, my passion never waned. At SELF, I teach the residents how to dance Salsa whenever schedules allow.” — Martin

ARS Salsa revKitAt SELF, residents enjoy regular Salsa dance classes which Martin himself teaches. Over the years, many of those he trained have transformed themselves into great dancers with a keen sense of confidence to perform on stage. Salsa has become one of the featured presentations during numerous annual activities in SELF. In November 2008, when the 3rd Asian Recovery Symposium was held at the Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City, the SELF Salsa Society performed in front of hundreds of international delegates and were greeted with a thunderous applause.