Caroling Roadshow

Caroling at Hofilena 2006

Christmas can be a rather bleak period in recovery facilities. as residents in recovery are bound to experience bouts of loneliness as they miss the warmth and joy of being with their families. Right from the start SELF has made it a point to address this potentially defocusing situation. The solution: Caroling.

     In the early years, the SELF Family went from house to house spreading Christmas cheer in nearby areas singing simple Christmas carols accompanied by a couple of guitars and a portable piano. Caroling SenateOver the years, this activity grew into a fully developed Yuletide tradition that features residents singing professionally as a choir in three part harmony. As an added bonus, the families get to see their loved ones shine as they break free from their self-limiting behaviors while sharing Christmas with them in this unique form.

     In 2010 this annual Christmas tradition took on a new form as SELF converted it into a full blown musical play — The Caroling Roadshow. The show, complete with props, lights, sounds and even a portable stage set, was transported to homes of SELF Family members and friends. Martin took the helm for this with the invaluable assistance of his niece Liza Robinson of Repertory Philippines and choreography by Roger Basco. On December 15 that year, they presented the Roadshow at the Christmas Party of the Philippine Senate.


     SELF’s annual caroling activity helps instill the much needed discipline crucial to the healing process and makes residents feel genuinely proud about achieving a challenging feat. Performing in front of an audience also develops the self-confidence they need to overcome their fears and maintain their sobriety in the world after rehab. It is particularly gratifying that while engaged in a therapeutic activity that promotes a sense of responsibility, they help raise funds for the SELF Family as well as their own projects.

     Below (L to R) are Music Director Eric Kalaw; Liza Robinson of Repertory Philippines; Mai Quesada-Medina of PETA; SELF’s Founder and President Martin Infante handling some directions himself.