The Outdoor Survival Workshop is an Annual Team Building activity for the residents and is an important part of the Value Formation Program that SELF provides to its clients. Its aim is to provide residents with outdoor survival skills and train them to apply the life skills they have acquired during their recovery process in an outdoor setting. During the event, residents undergo structured outdoor activities, exercises, seminars, workshops and even games which are geared toward the achievement of these goals of the program.


  1. To provide new skills in coping with the outdoor environment in ‘sobriety’.
  2. To develop perseverance in dealing with difficult or challenging situations.
  3. To enhance leadership and decision making skills.
  4. To appreciate team-player roles and characteristics.
  5. To promote an appreciation of new-found sober selves.


OutdoorFor the past 20 years, SELF has utilized the services of the AVENTEK Mountaineers to run the program. They are a Professional Mountaineering Training Group that facilitate the exercises over the course of the four day event. The mountaineers are fully acquainted with the culture of the TC program, well versed in its rules and briefed on the client demographics of the participants. Throughout most of the event, the residents are turned over to these trainers, while under the watchful eyes of the SELF staff.

The Outdoor Survival Workshop is conducted at a particular beach resort located a few hours away from its facility. The venue provides all the facilities that are needed for the exercise such as a variety of terrains and a beach front to meet the demands of the different land and sea exercises of the program. Participation in at least one Outdoor Workshop is prerequisite for graduation from the SELF program, but an Advanced Course is also offered to those who wish to benefit from higher learnings in the field of outdoor survival.