The Facilitator Training Course is an advancement program offered to selected residents in the Pre-Reentry and Reentry Phases. Its main purpose is to develop their Knowledge, Skills & Attitude to prepare them to take charge of an operation of the facility. The training program has the following objectives:

  1. To provide a formal understanding of the techniques involved in handling groups and individuals.
  2. To become highly dependable staffers of the program.
  3. To promote a sense of purpose during higher recovery.

Over the course of eight weeks,  the participants meet once a week for lectures, workshops and exercises on the following: Verbal and non-verbal Communication; Transaction Analysis; Personality Development; Ethics and Etiquette; Group Facilitation; Empathic Listening and Response; and Personal Empowerment.


     At the end of the course, the participants benefit from gaining a Heightened Awareness about themselves and the helping profession. They also get a basic dose of Professional Ethics and Decorum and learn the protocols of Crisis Management. In the process, they learn techniques on Group Facilitation and are taught how to record the activity. For their recovery, they gain a higher sense of Maturity and discover what it is to have a Purposeful Lifestyle. The course  also becomes an excellent tool for Relapse Prevention.

Their core competencies are to: Run a group session as chair or co-chair; Conduct peer advising to residents in the primary phase; Conduct debriefing sessions with peers after group activities; Escort residents during their days-off and Write Process Reports after each group session.

Since 2010, a total of 32 residents have received this badge of service which symbolizes their dedication to helping others grow. The 6th Facilitator Training class will start in March 2015.

Course Outline


  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Public Speaking Exercises
  • Personality Development Exercises
  • Written Exam


  • Facilitate with supervisor as co-chair
  • Facilitate Solo with outside observer
  • Facilitate Solo and report to Supervisor


  • Developing a Personal Commitment Statement
  • Oral Examination process

TO SERVE SO OTHERS MAY GROW — The 5th Facilitator Training Class poses with their trainors after eight received the much awaited Facilitator IDs on October 22, 2014.