The Supervised Practicum and Internship Program (SPIP) is a professional training opportunity for Aftercare residents who wish to strengthen their recovery process by exploring the field of the helping profession in the TC, and has the following objectives:


  1. To promote independence and self-reliance.
  2. To identify potential leadership skills.
  3. To build up a professional discipline in the workplace.
  4. To develop a sense of personal mission towards recovery.


When there is a need for operational support, residents in Aftercare may apply for such positions and be assigned tasks in the facility or main office, and become part of the daily grind with the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Supervision of critical operations of the facility.
  • Mentoring of Reentry residents who are running function units.
  • Participation in Program Committee Staff meetings.
  • Recommend guidelines and procedures for system improvement.
  • Facilitation of group therapy sessions.
  • Taking charge of special assignments at the monthly FAM Program.
  • Co-chair in feedback sessions with Family members.
  • Head special projects and (i.e. outreach etc.)
  • Attend leadership advancement seminars (when available)


In the process, residents in the SPIP program benefit from the following:

  • They experience advanced methods of Administrative and Program Management.
  • They learn how to manage and prevent Crisis Situations.
  • They enjoy consultations with the staff regarding their Career Path decisions.
  • They discover how to Conceptualize, Plan and Implement projects.
  • They are able to harness a constant Aftercare Support.


The SPIP is a joint venture between SELF and the Resident’s Family. In a gradual process of handing responsibility, both parties share in the resident’s compensation for at least six months. In addition to a monthly allowance (which is determined by SELF), residents who choose this program while in Aftercare enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free Board & Lodging
  • 48 hour weekly day-off
  • Option to work for SELF after the SPIP (depending on job openings)