Guest House As a learning organization, SELF is dedicated to sharing its best methods and practices refined over the past 23 years. It offers formal courses on the implementation of its Dual Approach Therapeutic Community (TC) Program to both local and international rehab practitioners at reasonable cost. To this end, SELF has established a familiarization course called the Study Tour and two TC Management Courses: The TC Basic Management Course (TC-BMC) and the TC Management Advancement Course (TC-MAC). These courses feature an internship and hands-on training, depending on the course selected. Trainers include the Founder and the SELF training team. On occasion, SELF invites trainers from its partner agencies: Kasih Mulia, Indonesia and Daytop International, USA. SELF has a Guest Cottage with three deluxe rooms that can accommodate a total of 16 participants. Please refer to the table below to view a few of the specifics regarding the course curriculum.

Study Tour

TC Training The TC Study Tour is a seven day familiarization course on the TC. It is offered to any interested party and features learning about the TC approach through orientation and observation. The following are its objectives:

  • To obtain a basic understanding of the SELF TC as a method for treating dependency.
  • To experience the nature of TC culture and its crucial role in healing the client.
  • To gain an initial awareness of ones own self-defeating attitudes and behavior.

Basic Management Course

The TC Basic Management Course (TC-BMC) is a two week training program offered to students and professionals who wish to become familiar with the TC approach and its management protocols. The following are its objectives:

  1. To obtain a more indepth understanding of the methods and practices of the TC and its organization.
  2. To gain insight into the culture of the SELF TC through active participation in the activities.
  3. To experience an initial personal healing process and spiritual enlightenment.

     Early in 2012, the Department of Health commissioned SELF to train some of their staff engaged in drug rehabilitation work in the different regions of the Philippines. To date 19 field personnel have completed the TC-BMC.

TC Management Advancement Course

The TC Management Advancement Course (TC-MAC) is a four week staff advancement training program offered to professionals and paraprofessionals who are already involved in the operation of a Therapeutic Community (TC) program with at least three years of experience. The following are its objectives:

  1. To equip participants with sufficient knowledge and skill to run a TC program.
  2. To obtain an indepth understanding of the application of the methods and tools of the TC.
  3. To learn and practice the clinical protocols associated with the SELF Dual Approach TC Program.
  4. To fully understand the role of the TC culture in the effective development of its clientele.
  5. To find clarity of purpose as a helping professional.

     Since 2009, 11 trainees from Bangladesh, Indonesia and India have completed the TC-MAC.

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