From the start SELF has always been open to visitors who wished to tour the facility to learn how the SELF TC program works. In 2009 it has taken the initiative of developing these visits into structured Educational Tours for students, teachers and those in the helping profession. SELF welcomes individual or group day-tours such as School Visits. We also accept applications for On-the-Job Training (OJT) for graduating students. SELF can also conduct Drug Awareness Symposiums in schools, corporations and residential communities. The Foundation is glad to provide these educational activities which are pre-arranged with our main office.

School Visits

La Salle Cavite     A typical School Visit begins with a welcome and orientation session where the students and faculty are briefed on the confidentiality and sensitivity issues of the SELF community. Then, they are escorted to the conference room where they watch videos about SELF. After this, they tour of the facility with staff and resident facilitators who walk them through each phase of the program. During their tour, they are briefed about the various behavior shaping tools, methods and practices that are used by SELF. Lastly, the visitors join a group session where volunteer residents share their life experiences in recovery. In the past 23 years SELF has entertained more than 1000 guests from a variety of universities such as DLSU, ADMU, Miriam and UP. Some are faculty (R), others are graduate students (bottom R), while the rest are high-school and college students.

On the Job Training

     SELF offers On the Job Training (OJT) programs to students of psychology, social work and nursing who want to experience the clinical practice of their chosen field in the treatment and rehabilitation setting. Typically, these interns participate in almost all facets of the TC program. Some of their tasks include sitting in group therapy sessions, panel assessments, case discussions and are tasked to accomplish process recording sheets. They also learn how the Resident Development Office implements its behavior modification protocols. They are also made to experience the organizational disciplines of maintaining case files in the Clinical Department. In order to maximize the learning process, the trainees attend debrief sessions with their training mentor where they are facilitated to synthesize insights from the day’s activities with their peers. The SELF TC presents a unique chance at studying the dynamics of human behavior. Students with a particular interest in this field stand to benefit from the OJT through first hand exposure to rehabilitation work. As of 2015 over 40 students from various colleges including Lyceum Batangas, Southville International Schools and Colleges, FAITH and De La Salle Lipa have completed their OJT requirements at SELF.

Drug Awareness Symposiums[/title]

     One of the first lessons one learns in recovery is that “You can’t keep it unless you give it away!” Our Founder learned well and has turned it into a lifetime advocacy. Throughout his 23 sober years he has done more than a 150 speaking engagements in various schools and institutions. Such engagements have become a distinct feature in SELF as residents are likewise given the chance to volunteer in these activities by sharing their own life stories of addiction and redemption with audiences usually composed of students and teachers. This has led to the formation of a Speakers Squad — a team of residents who are invited to be on call for speaking engagements. Almost always these residents come back to the facility elated at having overcome their fears of speaking in front of a large crowd and grateful for the opportunity to touch the lives of others. They eagerly share their experience with fellow residents and encourage them to do the same.

A SELF Drug Awareness Symposium is usually composed of a seminar on drug prevention, usually delivered by a director, followed by a brief testimony of one resident. It is culminated by an open forum where the audience is free to ask questions regarding the seminar or the testimony. These symposiums typically last for two hours. Below are some of those symposiums SELF has conducted in the last 10 years: (clockwise from L) Enderun Colleges; Southville International Schools and Colleges; De La Salle Canlubang; Philippine Airlines; Reedley International School.

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