Trust Works!

By |February 21st, 2010|

1st Alumni Homecoming Keynote Speech

Good afternoon, everybody. I am Macie Imperial, a graduate of SELF. I have been sober for 10 years now and I must say it feels really good to be back here again among good friends.

Today, I was given the privilege of addressing you to talk about my years of sobriety. But, before I can do that, I will need to first tell you about the nightmare of my drug-addicted years. We all have a story, mine no worse or better than yours. I grew up in a very traditional family, the eldest among five girls. Raised by very strict and conservative parents, I could not date nor party without the usual yaya to chaperone me. […]

Oasis of life

By |February 21st, 2010|

14th Graduation Keynote Speech

During ancient times in the Middle East, people had to travel great distances over inhospitable terrain in order to conduct their business. They moved in caravans — huge expeditions of men, women and animals — to cross the huge expanse of desert in order to reach their destinations.

These caravans attracted a mixture of people. There were traders who needed to deliver and sell their goods in other lands. There were pilgrims making a spiritual journey across the sands. There were families in search of a new and better life. There were adventurers and even mercenaries. These caravans would travel hundreds of miles for many weeks or even months and, while those concerned had different reasons for being there, they were all bound by a common objective to complete the journey no matter what hardship would be encountered along the way.

A Man Don’t Know What He Can Do Until Another Man Is Hurting

By |February 21st, 2010|

13th Graduation Keynote Speech

Happy 15th anniversary to the Self Enhancement for Life Foundation! Once again I am delighted to witness another graduation program of SELF and most privileged to be asked to deliver a message on this occasion.

The 17 men and lone woman we honor today for completing the program conducted by this facility are about to embark on their most significant journey yet, one that leads them back fulltime into the bigger world beyond as they regain their rightful place in our society. They deserve our respect for the courage and perseverance they have shown in their personal struggle for sobriety. More than this, they need our constant support — that we too will be with them in their new lives.

Showtime 2007

By |January 19th, 2010|

SELF celebrated its 15th anniversary in style with SHOWTIME, a musical variety show featuring selections from Broadway and Hollywood, thanks to the generous support of the SELF Family Association. With the incomparable director Fritz Ynfante at the helm, the show featuring numbers from Cabaret, Cats, Chicago, Footloose, Grease, Sing Sing, Sister Act, Sound of Music […]